Sometimes on doing a global search, correct results and count gets displayed in the main results tab but incorrect count on search groups in the right tab "What's on the page".

For example in below screenshot, the search results gave [Incidents(9) and Project(0)] in main tab while in right tab [Incident(0) and Project(9)]

Release or Environment

Any Release


This is due to same order on search tables in search group which cause wrong count to be displayed for search groups. Each search table in the search groups should have different order.


To resolve the issue change the order of search tables with same order.Follow steps given below:


1. Navigate to search groups
2.Open search group which contains the affected search table
3. Change the order of tables with same order to different values
4. Save

Observe that same result count gets displayed in the main results tab and the right tab "What's on the page"

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Last Updated:2019-11-13 16:56:28