The URL field on Favorites can take up to 1000 characters, after which it will truncate values. The left navigation pane will become stuck in 'Loading' if any Favorites sys_ui_bookmark URL column contains a URL that is too long and ends with '%' character. It will fail to return from the REST API request for "/api/now/ui/navigator/favorites" and halt loading modules.

This can impact individual users as the favorites are created per user. The error thrown in the console is:
GET https://<instance_name>.service-now.com/api/now/ui/navigator/favorites 500 (Internal Server Error)

The error thrown by REST API is:
URLDecoder: Incomplete trailing escape (%) pattern Check logs for error trace or enable glide.rest.debug property to verify REST request processing
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: URLDecoder: Incomplete trailing escape (%) pattern

Steps to Reproduce

1. Import the attached XML file "sys_ui_bookmark_465ca558db30881063bd5886dc961964.xml".
2. Impersonate an ITIL user.

Observe the left navigation panel fails to load any module and remains showing the "loading" message.


This problem is under review and targeted to be fixed in a future release. To receive notifications when more information becomes available, subscribe to this Known Error article by clicking the Subscribe button at the top right of this form.

As a workaround, delete all records with very long URL from the [sys_ui_bookmark] table.

Related Problem: PRB1373292

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