1.  What are the key benefits of using ServiceNow DevOps?

a.  ServiceNow DevOps integrates, out-of-the-box, with the DevOps tools you are already using.

b.  We provide a DevOps data model within the ServiceNow cloud and automatically bring in data from multiple points in the DevOps toolchain.

c.  The data can be used to automate the creation of change tickets – saving developers from that administrative overhead

d.  The data can also be used alongside Change Management policy to automate change approvals, as well as the Governance, Risk, and Compliance products to automate controls and accelerate audits. 

e.  The data provides unique insights into the health of DevOps processes across teams and can simplify the audit process.


2.  When will the DevOps product be available in all the regions?

a.  The DevOps product is launched initially in the Northeast US and UK region. We are looking at making it more broadly available in the US and Europe later in H1 2020. This allows us to focus initial resources to ensure success for the first deployments. We'll be working with the APJ teams to determine how and when it is best to engage there - most likely later in 2H 2020.

b.  Companies outside of these regions can still be considered for the ServiceNow DevOps product if they are a good fit in terms of supported integrations. We encourage the engagement of our services partners, especially those that have received early training on the DevOps product.


3.  How do I find out more about this product?

a.  Please visit for more information about the DevOps capability from ServiceNow. Here are some other resources you can use:

interview at DevOps Enterprise Summit with RJ Jainendra, GM of the DevOps team at ServiceNow

Knowledge 19 Keynote and product announcement

Discussion and presentation by Eric Ledyard at DevOps Enterprise Summit London 2019

Product preview webinar on ServiceNow DevOps

Article: How to harmonize Dev and Ops

Article: How to make the leap to DevOps

Fast, not Furious blog


4.  How can I get access to the DevOps product to try it in my sub-prod environments?

ServiceNow DevOps is available like any other product in sub-prod instances for trial. You need to enable the ServiceNow DevOps application and the ‘DevOps Insights’ module. 


5.  How is ServiceNow DevOps delivered and licensed

a.  ServiceNow DevOps is a store-delivered product. That means it can be updated monthly and it will support multiple versions – currently Madrid and New York

b.  ServiceNow DevOps is a new standalone product.  Please talk to your account manager regarding licensing.


6.  What DevOps tools are integrated out of the box?’

a.  Initial integrations include Jira and ITBM Agile (for planning), GitHub and Bitbucket (Code repositories), and Jenkins (CI/CD Pipeline). More integrations will be delivered monthly and we expect partners to add their own through the store.

b.  Azure DevOps is available via a partner and is part of the roadmap for the product team.


7.  How does this compare to other integrations provided in the ServiceNow store?

a.  ServiceNow DevOps provides an intelligent data model and workflows in addition to tested and certified integrations to common DevOps tools. Other integrations exist in the ServiceNow store but may require you to build the workflows and data management or may be for other purposes like synchronizing stories between ITBM Agile and Jira.


8.  Do I have to license Integration Hub or Performance Analytics?

a.  The license for ServiceNow DevOps includes the usage of Integration Hub and Performance Analytics for the purposes of providing DevOps functionality. Additional licensing of Integration Hub and Performance Analytics is necessary if you build additional workflows or dashboards that are not included with ServiceNow DevOps. 


9. How does this compare to the CI/CD capability announced by the Now Platform team for Orlando?

a. The CI/CD integration for the platform released in Orlando is for utilizing DevOps tools to apply a DevOps approach to developing on the Now Platform. If you use tools supported by the ServiceNow DevOps product, like Jenkins, you can also add the ServiceNow DevOps capabilities to Now Platform product development, e.g. automated change creation and approvals and insights and auditing.

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