The text message "Field value has changed since last update." appears before the actual hint for a particular field. Suppose there is a user defined Hint on the field say "Select the xxx info". Then on clicking the field to edit it, it gets appended with the text message at the beginning as below:

"Field value has changed since last update. Select the xxx info" 


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This behavior is as per the platform design. The message "Field value has changed since last update" gets displayed along with the user defined Hint while editing the value of that field. 

This is done to be more in compliance with accessibility to help users with accessibility issues (i.e. using screen reader) to know what has changed with the field(s). 


To remove the text message from user defined link create a new sys_ui_message record to change the text.

- Navigate to sys_ui_message table and create a new record with the following:
Key: Field value has changed since last update
Language: English
Message: .

***Important: for the Message field you need to specify some sort of text (i.e. a period would suffice). This text will then replace the "Field value has changed since last update" text that shows up on the hint.

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