When opening some specific pages in the service portal page designer these pages are not opened. In some cases, they either just don't open or the page designer redirects to some other pages. Generally, there will be some errors that will be thrown in the browser console.

When this issue occurs any subsequent pages (pages that initially aren't affected) that are opened will experience the same behavior as well.

Release or Environment

Service Portal Page Designer


There are one or more erroneous widgets on the affected page(s) that cause this issue.


Navigate to the affected pages and narrow down which widgets on the page are causing the issue:

  1. Navigate to sp_page.list
  2. Open the affected page
  3. Review the widget instances that were added to the page and try to delete the most suspicious ones
  4. Delete them one by one while opening the page in page designer upon each delete to confirm which widget would be the cause

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Last Updated:2019-11-18 02:53:54