After upgrading to Madrid or New York the global "Save" UI Action no longer shows up on the pm_project form.

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Madrid, New York


There is a similar "Save" UI Action on pm_project that is inactive with same action_name as the global one.

This behavior has started somewhere in Madrid as part of a fix. There was a bug in pre-Madrid releases where if an inactive UI Action has the same action_name as an active UI Action it can break the UI Action that is active.

OOB on pm_project table we use this Save UI Action: sys_id with 8a5eb4c3d7503100b7490ee60e6103d5

This UI Action has the same action_name as the global Save UI Action (sys_id 42e780d40a0a0b34007e0d4a52d33405). Since this is the case the local UI Action will take precedence instead, and this is OOB expected behavior.

Prior to Madrid even if the local UI Action is inactive the Global one will still show up.

However, as mentioned above there's a bug when this scenario is encountered so we fixed it and now users are seeing the current behavior. The local UI Action will still take precedence and really be enforced (i.e if it's inactive then it won't show). Because the global UI Action is already overridden by the local UI Action and the local UI Action is inactive both buttons will not show.


Global UI Action (sys_id 42e780d40a0a0b34007e0d4a52d33405) will not show up on pm_project untill local UI Action (8a5eb4c3d7503100b7490ee60e6103d5) is present. Even if local UI Action is inactive it will still not allow Global UI Action to show.

Thus, if anything modification is required to be done, it should be done in local UI Action.

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