The Availability Commitment Reports on the Service Offering form is stuck in "Loading..." forever on our New York instances.

We have tried re-creating the reports from scratch, but they still don't load.


  • The 'Report qual' field in the 'Advanced condition extension' tab is what enables the report to dynamically show the current service offering report on the service offering form
  • SPM has also deprecated the use of these old service availability reports for new OOB customers in replacement of using our new Service Owner Workspace application.
  • Existing customers are still able to use the charts, but unfortunately the library for rendering those old charts has been deprecated.


We have added a workaround for re-creating these old availability charts in the newer PA reports.

Attached is an update set that contains the reports and configuration to add the reports to the service offering form. 

  • Import the attached update set into the instance
  • On the service offering form layout, make sure to remove the old sys_ui_widget for service availability and add new a form section called 'Availability Commitment Reports'
  • Confirm that you have three new reports called
    1. Service Offering Availability (Last Week)
    2. Service Offering Availability (Last Month)
    3. Service Offering Availability (Last Year)
  • following the documentation here to add these reports to the service_offering form: Configure charts on form

  • Add three of these '*chart' items to the form in the new form section you created.
    You can view the configuration details on my sys_ui_chart records by right clicking on the field shown in the attached screenshot.
  • Adjust the form chart configuration like below:



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