Workflow approval activity being skipped under certain scenarios.


Consider a workflow has two group approval activities.

Approval 1, has "group 1" as assignment group 

Approval 2, has "group 2" as assignment group .

Approval 1 activity  has to be approved in order to proceed to Approval 2 activity.

Lets' assume "user 1" from "group 1" approved the approval. When this user approves, the workflow engine session will be as this user("user 1").  If "user 1" cannot see "group 2" due to query business rule, then "Approval 2" workflow activity gets skipped or approved as the workflow engine assumes that there are no user from 'group 2'  to approve.

To resolve this , Deactivate query business rule  or create a 1 sec timer activity after " approval 1" workflow activity.
"Timer" activity will run as system(session), which will resolve this issue.

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Last Updated:2019-11-24 08:52:24