While working with facility request templates, It is found an issue with the custom field "classification" not showing up in the template builder. The value is stored in the sm_template_definition table, however, the front end UI doesn't show them up.


Release or Environment

Madrid Patch 7


Most of the fields in the screenshot have field types that are not supported on the Facilities Request Template page - currency, document ID, table name, secure notes, translated HTML. As these field types have never been supported, any change to support them would require a feature request.


The one field that *should* be supported is Classification, which is a Choice field. To work around the issue, try switching the field type from Choice to String. After that, the field should show up on the Facilities Request Template page. This workaround in is tested in OOB and working as expected; OOB when created a custom choice field with two choices and it did not show on the Facilities Request Template page. After switching the type of the field to "String" it showed up on the template page.

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Last Updated:2019-11-02 03:44:08