Discovery ecc_queue inputs may remain stuck in ready state for different root causes.

See also:

KB0749610 ECC Queue Input records remain on "ready" state, and Discovery never completes - insertion to discovery_device_duplicate_ips or sys_mutex fails due to Unique Key violation

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Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a Discovery schedule to discover a device that has multiple IP addresses.
  2. Create "IP Range" and "Range sets" which discovers the IPs for the device, in order to trigger the discovery of the IP addresses on the device twice.
  3. Run a discovery.


  1. Open the stuck discovery status.
  2. Find the input stuck in state "Ready".
  3. Open table discovery_device_duplicate_ips
  4. Find the relevant record by source, use the IP address.
  5. Now that we have the discovery_device_duplicate_ips, make note of the CMDB CI.
  6. Use the CMDB CI now to filter discovery_device_duplicate_ips based on the CI and the discovery status.
  7. The new filter on discovery_device_duplicate_ips, using CMDB CI and discovery status number, will show all the IPs for this device on the discovery.
  8. There should only be one entry per IP address/Discovery Status.
  9. Make note of the duplicates. Navigate to the discovery schedule find the "IP Ranges" and "Range Sets" triggering discovery of the IP address.
  10. Update the "IP Ranges" and "Range Sets" accordingly to ensure that the discovery of the IP address is only triggered via either an "IP Range" or "Range Set".

Related Problem: PRB1370895

Seen In

SR - ITOM - CMDB CI Class Models - 201907
SR - ITOM - Discovery and Service Mapping - v1.0.35
SR - ITOM - Fundamentals Istanbul Jakarta Kingston r1 - v5.99.6

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