For notification (outbound) email messages, the email body text defaults to font-family Times and font-size 13.5 pt.

These default values can be changed by adding an email layout with the desired font-family and font-size and applying this email layout to the email template used by your notifications.

Release or Environment

All releases.


Test this procedure out thoroughly in a subprod instance before applying this change to a production instance.

In this example, the font-family is set to helvetica and the font-size to 10.

1. Go to System Policy > Email > Layouts
2. Click New
Name: name of your choice
Advanced: check this checkbox
<span style="font-family: helvetica; font-size: 10pt;">
3. Click Submit.

4. You can apply the new email layout to any existing email templates.

Or, if you aren't using email templates for your notifications, add one:

5. Go to System Policy > Email > Templates
6. Click New.
Name: name of your choice
Email layout: name of the email layout you created above.
7. Click Submit.
8. Apply the new template to any notifications you want to use this font family and size for. You can do this in bulk from list view:
a. Select the notifications you want to apply this template to.
b. From the context menu for any of the column headers, select Update Selected.
c. In the What it will contain section, select the template in the Email Template field.
d. Click Update.

After these changes, emails sent by notifications whose template is associated with the email layout should reflect the font-family and size provided in the email layout.

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