It is not possible to use Simple Condition type on SLA definition

You have tried to create a SLA definition with "Simple", this causes errors that makes impossible to use the Simple Condition type.

You would like to use the Simple Condition type because you would like always to have an SLA attached, even if Stop condition is met at the same time as the Start condition.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create new SLA definition
2. Set "Condition type" = Simple
3. Error at "When to cancel" and "When to resume"


In customers instance, we could see that in the given sla definition they had the settings below

In the Start Condition
when to cancel: Never

In Pause Condition
when to resume: resume conditions are met

With above settings the issue is reproduced.


However as per design When to resume / When to cancel conditions cannot be used when the condition type is set to Simple.


The definitions have to be defined so that only start and pause conditions are evaluated.

Modifying it as below, will allow the Simple Condition rule to be saved on an Sla definition.

In the Start Condition
when to cancel: Start Conditions are not met

In Pause Condition
when to resume: Pause Conditions are met

With the settings above on the provided sla definition, the sla definition was  updated and saved.

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Last Updated:2019-10-28 10:37:53