Vulnerability import job record doesn't get updated correctly after a connector error.


There is an issue in the Tenable code. I found an article from Tenable that explains the solution to this.


Get the VRJOB that's failing or hanging.  On the date the Job was started, search the syslog for an error that looks like this:

[0000452] - ERROR {MapHelper : didMappedFieldsChange} - EXCEPTION THROWN in (didMappedFieldsChange):
[message]: Cannot read property "active" from null
[fileName]: sys_script_include.ec123426dbc8d300fe8d73198c961941.script
[sourceName]: sys_script_include.ec123426dbc8d300fe8d73198c961941.script
[lineNumber]: 257
[name]: TypeError
[stack]: at sys_script_include.ec123426dbc8d300fe8d73198c961941.script:257 (anonymous)
at sys_script.bf780ab3dbfe9f0013c2755a8c9619a9.condition:1
at sys_script_include.809d062ec0a8026c1e98d20fda3b95e7.script:38 (anonymous)
at sys_script_include.809d062ec0a8026c1e98d20fda3b95e7.script:22 (anonymous)
at sys_script_include.dd8556ea0a0a0b1500f2fc5a5257304a.script:27 (anonymous)
at sys_script_include.dd8556ea0a0a0b1500f2fc5a5257304a.script:17 (anonymous)
at sys_trigger.ddabbfc70a0a0b1500d9ee9973fe0bc4:1

This is a Tenable issue:

Article Number 000002542: Integrations - ServiceNow (SNOW) Error: Cannot read property "active" from null

Follow the directions in the article to fix the issue.

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Last Updated:2020-01-10 07:07:44