The Collision between Manual Upgrade change request and Automated - system created change request.


There can be collisions between the Upgrade Change request when there are 2 active change requests - Once Manually created and one through Automated workflow.



The system rolls out automated change requests for Upgrades - through Quarterly Patching Program / End of Life support etc.

This communication will be sent across to customers with a minimum of 2 weeks ahead through change requests.


Ideal Case:

  1. When there is a Change request open through automated workflow for Instance Upgrade,
  2. The system prevents the creation of a Manual change request for Instance Upgrade.
  3. However - the inverse validation is not in place,
    1. i.e. When there is a manual change request created for Instance Upgrade,
    2. The system will still create an Automated Change for say EOL program.
    3. As we are not blocking a customer to create a manual change say - for Plugin Install etc for a period of 2 weeks.


Release or Environment

All Environments


Hence, once the system automated communication for Upgrades due to EOL / QPP has been rolled out to the customer,

  1. The customer needs to act on the change - to reschedule/cancel the change to prevent the upgrade from happening.
  2. They can contact support for further assistance on it.

This will prevent conflicts and surprises on instance upgrade - when due to the above possible use-cases, both the manual change request and Automated change request are active for an Instance.

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