When one Application Service is being discovered, we see other Application Services being shown as updated for Application Service List view.


If the same CI exists in multiple Application Services, running Discovery on one Service will cause the other Services to be updated.


Example of how to determine if multiple Application Services shares CIs.

  1. Go to the Application Service List view
  2. Select on application Service
  3. Run discovery on the Application Service
  4. Note you can see multiple other Application Service being updated.
  5. Go to the Application Service form view and click on the "list cis" related list
  6. Click on the filter condition, you will see a query for a CIs within a business service
  7. You can add a "and" condition to the filter and select another application service sys_id. When you run the filter condition you will then see elements that are shared between the two application services.

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Last Updated:2019-10-23 03:49:14