User is unable to see Contracts list even with proper roles. Admins are able to see the list view fine.


This is being restricted by the "Contract query for agents" Business Rule which calls the "CSQueryBRUtil" Script Include methods.
These were installed with the Customer Service plugin.

In order for the user to see the Contracts in the list, it appears that you will need to associate the Contract with an "Account" or a "Consumer" with the corresponding fields.


Next Steps:

1. As an Admin, navigate to Contract > Contracts > All
2. Click the Cog icon on the list view and add the "Account" and "Consumer" columns
3. Add a value to one of the columns for one of the Contracts
4. Impersonate the affected user and navigate back to Contract > Contracts > All
5. The Contract should now show up

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Last Updated:2019-11-14 07:36:50