When using Resource Reporting > Allocation Details, many times you may notice the Allocated Hours return as more than the Capacity and still there are Available hours. From the report at first glance, this seems to be an error in logic, yet the report is correct!


The short answer is the the report (in this example we are reporting on WEEKLY), the returned results do not consider over-allocation on individual days. Days that are over-allocated in hours do not rollover into the next day. This means you could have the first four days in the week allocated for 9 hours a day, and the last day for only four. The result in this simple example would be that you were allocated for 40 and still had four hours available (considering you had an eight hour work day).

To test this, engineers will click on the Allocated number result in the Resource Report, which displays the respective Resource Allocation Daily records. These records are the most granular records that tell us where hours are allocated per day (for a particular user and task). For the example above with Morpheus, we are looking at the week of Nov 4th - Nov 10th. Morpheus has a capacity of 40 hours for the week. It says he was allocated 41 hours, yet he still has 10 hours available. How is this possible?


In the above screenshot, we see a list of all of the Allocation Resource Daily records that comprise of the 41 Allocated hours. What is important to note is that Morpheus was over-allocated on three of the days. These numbers are reflected in the Allocated value of the Resource Report. Once we get to Thursday, the 7th, we are already at 35 allocated hours. Morpheus is then allocated for 3 hours on Thursday and Friday, making for a total of 41 hours.

But still, Morpheus has an available 5 hours for Thursday and Friday, equaling the 10 Available hours, in the Resource Report. Our Resource Allocation Daily records, when sorted by date make it very easy to see how many hours each day is allocated.

Below is a graphical representation of the above:

 Day of Week CapacityAllocated Available 
 Monday 8 15 0
 Tuesday 8 11 0
 Wednesday 8 9 0
 Thursday 8 3 5
 Friday 8 3 5


This is standard behavior in the published releases of our product.

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