Go to Madrid release
Go to All properties > Set com.snc.resource_management.average_daily_fte = 8.4
Go to Resource > Resource plans > Create New
Set the following fields:
Resource type = user
User any user
Request type = FTE
FTE = 0.2
Name any name
Task any task
Start date and End date it need to be a week apart
Allocation type = Weekly
Allocation spread = Even
See attached file:
Click Save
The Resource Plan fo0rm opens
Check the Tab > Request Details

Actual behavior: Planned hours = 8
Expected behavior: Planned hours = 8.4


Issue is related to PRB1366478

Workaround available:

Recommendation is to set the property 'Calendar Event Duration (Minutes)' to '12' because you have 'Average Daily FTE Hours' is '8.4'.

1.'Calendar Event Duration (Minutes)' :
2. 'Average Daily FTE Hours' :

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