This article briefs on how to show the "Longest wait time" instead of "Average wait time" on the queue in "Connect workspace" / "Connect mini-window".

Following screenshot shows the out of the box provided "Average wait time",


  • The connect chat interface code is harcoded to display the "average_wait_time" of the chat_queue record in the connect workspace
  • This average_wait_time field is calculated and set by the OOB provided after update business rule called "SNC - Chat Queue Average Wait Time"(/


In order to achieve the requirement of Connect workspace to display the longest wait time of the chat entry in the queue, please perform the following modifications,

  1. Review and customize the "SNC - Chat Queue Average Wait Time" business rule in such a way that it sets the longest wait time of the chat_queue_entry into average_wait_time field of the chat_queue record, so that automatically chat platform code will pull this longest wait time value and set it in average_wait_time field and display it.
  2. Secondly, to change the label from "Average Wait" to "Longest wait", navigate to "sys_ui_message.list" and create an entry with
     Key ="Average Wait" 
    Language="English" ( Select as per requirement)
    Message ="Longest Wait" (you can set this label as per your requirement)

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Last Updated:2019-12-20 05:37:03