When risk assessment is submitted, the risk value is set to High no matter what the score is.

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Assessment Threshold not set according to score * weight.


  • Risk value is calculated as score += actual_value * metric.weight; not just the sum of actual values. This is expected OOB behavior.
  • The weight for all the questions of the Change Risk Assessment Category might be more than 1, hence the total score was actual value times the weight. This will always be higher than the High assessment threshold.
  • Change the weight of all the questions to 1, which will now calculate the total score as the actual value times 1, which will be the total sum itself.


Please find the explanation(example) below in details: 

As per the Assessment Metrics, we could see the weight of each metric is 10.
So the Risk Values calculates as below
Sum (each metric(weight * value)).
Sum (1*10,20*10,10*10,60*10)=910
Based on the Threshold, we could see the Risk ‘Very High’ is having value 800. The result of the
assessment is 910 which is exceeding 800 value, so the risk value is set to Very High on the change

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