• SLA breakdown plugin should be enabled
  • SLA Definition should be mapped to a SLA breakdown definition
  • Retroactive start should be enabled on SLA definition

    1. Create new incident
    2. Set caller ,short description and assignment group to "Application development" ( make the note of assignment group)
    3. Let the urgency and impact be to default values
    4. Submit
    5. Now change the impact and urgency to 1- high, priority gets updated to 1-Critical
    6. Now change the assignment group to "Compliance Managers"
    7.Update the incident.
    8.Now open the task SLA record

    Actual: In the SLA Breakdowns by Assignment related list you will find 2 record. Both the records have same assignment group which is incorrect.
    Expected: The first record should have the Assignment group as "Application development" and second record assignment group should be "Compliance Managers"

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 Expected behaviour.


If the Task SLA is attached with a retroactive start time we do not calculate the assignment group/assigned to breakdowns for that period between the start time and the time the Task SLA is created.
From your own testing you will have seen that we do create 2 breakdown records for the same group when the Task SLA is created - the first breakdown record covers the period from the Start time of the Task SLA to the point it was created and will the have "Retroactive" field set to true (this field is not shown on the SLA Breakdowns related list by default).
The second breakdown record covers the period from the point the Task SLA is created until the assignment group or assigned to changes.

The decision to provide a single retroactive breakdown record for the current assignment group at the point the Task SLA is created was based around the fact the previous assignment groups/assigned to users would have had no knowledge of the Task SLA running against the Task and so it becomes the responsibility of the current assignment group to absorb all that elapsed time.

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