In ServiceNow-Jira integration, while setting up credentials record in App Navigator on selecting "connection and credentials alias" records in Credential alias field on credentials table record by clicking on the search bar, the records show empty though records are available in the "connection and credentials alias" table.

Steps To Reproduce:

  1. Go to App navigator in the UI --> Credentials --> Open a record
  2. Search in "Credential alias" field in order to map a "connection and credentials alias" record to this field and no record appears in the next page though "connection and credentials alias" table holds the records.

Release or Environment

All releases


The issue is with the configuration in the "credential alias" field on the credential page in App Navigator. The dictionary record for this field has a field "Reference equal condition" whose condition is set to "type = credential" where as the type of the "connection and credential alias" record is set to "Connection and Credential" in the UI.


Solution is to edit the filter on the ""Reference equal condition" field on "credential alias" dictionary record to "type = Connection and Credential" which maps to the type of "Connection and Credential alias" record created under Connection and Credential alias table.

Once this is done , the search option for "credential alias" field on credentials table will redirect to the right "connection and credential aliases" record

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Last Updated:2020-05-04 03:55:05