In a scenario with uni-directional change integration, where a change is created on the other side and it should sync with your instance. All is correct when we select a planned start and end date 2-3 days in the future from the creation date.

If the planned start/end date goes more than 3-4 days from the creation date it throws the error. "Operation against file 'change_request' was aborted by Business Rule 'Transform synchronously'"

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Date Format.


The root cause of the issue is with the Date format of the Transform Map which is being used to create the Change Requests.

The date format of your <instance> is set as: 'dd/MM/yyyy' and so the system is expecting the date to be set with the same format.

But on the Transform Map: '<transform map name>', /

The mapping between fields: Start date and End date are configured to set the date format as: 'yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss'

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This is the reason why the import set is failing with the business rule: "Transform synchronously".

To fix this issue, the System Time format should be set to: 'yyyy-MM-dd' or the date format on the field mapping in the Transform maps should be set to whichever format the system is expecting.

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