The issue happens if below conditions are met:

- You have custom Email / SMS Verifications, that have components based on below OOB records on Kingston release:

UI Macro: $pwd_verify_email_ui / $pwd_verify_sms_ui (can be confirmed in Password Reset > Extensions > Verification Types > open the type record > check "Verification UI")

Script Include: PwdAjaxEmailPublicProcessor / PwdAjaxSMSPublicProcessor (called by the UI Macro above)

Script Include: PwdAjaxEmailProcessor / PwdAjaxSMSProcessor (extended by the script include above)

- You use "Automatic enrollment" for the Email verification type / mobile not enrolled for the SMS verification, but there is a valid mobile on user's profile


When above conditions are met, during verification stage, after clicking on "Send Verification Code", no email is generated under System Logs > Emails.




This is because when the conditions in Description section are met, a new record is created on pwd_dvc_enrollment_code table.

In Kingston, there is a business rule "Send SMS code", that sends an email when records inserted on pwd_dvc_enrollment_code.

This business rule is removed since London, where instead, we generate an event: "pwd.send_verify_code.trigger", and use notification on this event to send email. 



There are many code changes on how password reset notification works from Kingston to London or later.

Please review and update your custom verification components based on latest instance releases.


A workaround is to import attached business rule "Send SMS code".

However, side effect is: when enrolling email or sms via Password Reset > Enroll, two emails are sent.
(when enrolling, a new pwd_dvc_enrollment_code record is created, as well as an event.
The BR on pwd_dvc_enrollment_code triggers an email, and the event triggers another email. The two emails contain same code)

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