The Legacy GRC apps had the role 'grc_report_user' so the the GRC users can access the reports module but the newer GRC apps are missing a report role. How can the GRC users access the reports?

Release or Environment

Kingston and above


In the new GRC apps, it is not necessary to give any special roles to the GRC users to access the reports module.

All reports are accessible using the low level roles such as sn_risk.user, sn_compliance.user and sn_audit.user but these lower level users will not be able to create new reports.

They can only view/run the reports.

Where as, the managers (users with roles sn_risk.manager or sn_compliance.manager or sn_audit.manager) will have the access to create new reports.

So basically all GRC users have access to the reports but their CRUD access will vary based on the role permissions.

However, the "Reports" module is not visible because of the application menu configuration. Please note that the user can see the reports if they go to the report's link directly.

The only thing that needs to be modified is the "Reports" Application menu configuration.

The GRC roles should be added to the 'Roles' field in the configuration page so it would be visible for them.

For more details on the application menu configuration, please see the link below:

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