Symptoms: Role is appearing with a sys ID, or (empty)


This is  a result of the sys_user_role entry corresponding to the sys_id being deleted or otherwise missing from the instance. A number of causes exist:

  1. sys_user_role has been deleted, but is still present as a contained record in sys_user_role_contains or sys_group_has_role.
  2. The contained role (sys_group_has_role or sys_user_role_contains) have been removed, but the UI transaction has timed out, leaving behind orphaned sys_user_has_role records.
  3. sys_user_has_role has empty references, but it is not due to one of the above causes, or it is unclear why this empty reference exists.


  • If this is due to the Cause 1 above, you can edit the parent group, or role, and remove the (empty) reference. The system will then remove the empty sys_user_has_role references.
  • If this is due to the Cause 2, you can follow the instructions in KB0547328 to ensure the UI transaction does not time out, and undo / redo the role or group change again.
  • If it is not a contained role, but a directly granted role, it can be removed directly from sys_user_has_role.
  • If this is not clear (cause 3), or you require further assistance or clarification, please raise a ServiceNOW technical support case.


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Last Updated:2019-10-11 03:53:31