After upgrade to New York there is a new plugin called Innovation Management will get activated and triggering Idea activity notifications for comments added in flagged KB.

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Release or Environment

New York


  • We have a subscriptions for KB and Idea core Fanout's
  • when ever any KB is commented an activity get's created in sn_actsub_activity table.
  • sn_actsub_activity table have a BR which triggers all fanout's in fanout table.
  • BR is "Fanout Tasks"
  • When ever idea_activity fanout is initiated, it should check whether that particular record belongs to idea or not
  • If it is idea then only it should process idea_activity, other wise it should not
  • If both Idea and KB Fanout's active and the idea fanout listener is missing the check to detect whether that record is a child of im_idea_core or not, it is triggering the event and email.
  • since it is missing the check code inside the script include "IdeaActSubService" it is triggering the im_idea_activity.commented and triggering that idea notifications.


  • Ideally, simply disable the "Notification on Comment to an Idea" email notification record by setting "Active" to 'false'. 
  • An alternative workaround/fix for this issue is to add a piece of code in the script include
  • Open script include -: 'IdeaActSubService'
  • Inside the 'processActivity' Method, Please add the below condition. (Condition to be added inside try block, after first two if conditions - This condition needs to be added)

tableName = current.getElement("target_name");

  • So, This shouldn't trigger - im_idea_activity.commented event. Hence, email notification will not trigger.


Note: Please try this workaround in any of your sub-prod instance and then try to implement in your production instance.

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Last Updated:2019-10-27 17:07:32