The list calculation on a column of a list goes away when that list is personalized such as adding or removing a column. The list has to be configured in a different domain than 'global' domain for this issue to occur.

Steps to Reproduce

Plugins required: Agile Development 2.0 and Domain Support - Domain Extensions installer

1. Login as Admin user
2. Go to rm_story table in TOP domain and configure list layout > add any column to the list
3. Add a list calculation on story points while being in TOP domain
4. Go to TOP/ACME domain and personalize the list layout > add or remove a column

Notice that the list calculations will no longer be there


The workaround for this issue is to configure the list on "global" domain and add the list calculation there.

1) Switch to global domain

2) Configure the list first. Example: add a column

3) Add the list calculation on the points column

4) Now switch to TOP domain

5) Personalize the list

Notice that the list calculations are still present after personalizing.

Related Problem: PRB1367180

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