When a new Normal change has been created and a Config item added, when the Risk Assessment is completed any Impacted Services/CIs are added to the Impacted Services/CIs tab. However when we press 'Request Approval' to move to Assess, some or all of the Impacted Service/CIs are removed.

Release or Environment



A business rule named "Refresh Impacted Services" was introduced in NewYork that is overriding the custom 'Impacted Services' Lookup logic


Starting from NewYork, a new out of the box business rule was added named "Refresh Impacted Services" (link: / which would refresh the Impacted Services/CI for the change record.


If there are any custom logic that was in place to populate the "Impacted Services/CIs" that runs BEFORE the business rule "Refresh Impacted Services" (note that this is an AFTER business rule) then those will be override by the business rule.

If there is a custom logic to populate the Impacted services, the OOB business rule "Refresh Impacted Services" that was introduced in NewYork can be deactivated.

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Last Updated:2019-12-04 13:52:34