For certain forms like incident and rm_story, the @mention functionality is not working in the Journal input fields like Work Notes and Additional comments.

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The issue is seen because, for the affected incident and resource plan forms, the Journal input fields, Additional Comments, work notes or notes are not part of the activity stream.

The @mention functionality works only in the activity stream: Activity Stream Mentions.


  1. For any form, make sure that the Journal Input fields, work notes, additional comments, and any other Journal Input fields where you want @mention to work, are in the same form section as the Activity Stream.
    • Configure the form layout to move them around to fix the issue.
  2. Additionally, for another affected form, the Notes field seems to be in the same form section as the Activity stream but it needs to be added to the Activity stream fields.
    1. Click on the Filter (funnel) icon next to the Activities field on the form.
    2. Scroll down and click on Configure Available fields.
    3. Move the Notes field from the Available side to the Selected side and Save.

Making sure that both the above requirements are filled should fix the issue.

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Last Updated:2019-10-14 03:14:36