Service portal: Filters added on related lists using Views, do not work on portal

Steps to Reproduce

Open any instance: Madrid or Newyork

-Go to views from left navigator
-Open ess view record
-Go to "Related List" related list on the form
-Open sc_request record and open sc_req_item.request from the Related List entry related list.
-In the filter add: State is not Open condition and update the record.
-Go to the sc_request.list table and open REQ0000001 record and switch to "self service" view
-In the "Requested Items" related list there is one record with state is "Open" and it still appear in the related list.
-Go to service portal and open: http://<instance-name>/sp?id=form&table=sc_request&sys_id=6eed229047801200e0ef563dbb9a71c2&view=ess
-Scroll down to the Related list, click on "Requested Items" and notice that there is one record with state is Open.
-Meaning , the filter added in the ess view did not apply in the desktop (back end) and service portal as well.

We are able to reproduce the issue in Kingston, London, Madrid and New York instances.


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