Error when allocating a user who has available hours. Getting error "user is not available for one or more days in the period"


This is because the Resouce Allocation Daily records for multiple days are exceeding 24 hours. Since a day cannot have 25 or more hours in it, the error is thrown stating that the user could not be allocated.


Review the Resource Allocation Daily table (resource_allocation_daily) and query the Date range to be the same as the problematic Allocation.

Make sure the correct user is populated. Sort by the date and make sure there are no days that exceed 24 hours total.


An easy way to confirm this is your issue is by commenting out Line 41 in the "RMAllocator" Script Include (as of New York release) temporarily. If it Allocates properly then there is an excess of hours in a certain day. Make sure to revert your changes afterward!

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Last Updated:2019-10-02 08:02:09