The user has an example incident, INC0010000, where they have a task_sla for SLA Definition 'A'. 

The user made some updates to the SLA Definition and now, when they repair, they want to see correct values in the task_sla based on the changes made. However, that is not happening as the user would expect.


After an in-depth investigation, it was found that under normal circumstances, the SLA Repair would work per the user's expectation. However, in this scenario, it does appear that the system is genuinely calculating correctly via the Repair SLAs tool, even though the results from the SLA Repair are not what the user expected.

The user is troubled that after using the SLA Repair tool, all Business-related values are appearing as '0', whereas before the Repair they had some value.

The change that was made to SLA Definition 'A' is in the Schedule field. The reason why we are seeing Business-related values of '0' on repaired task_slas is because the schedule on the SLA has no Schedule entries (e.g. "Run from 8-5, weekdays"). So, when the SLA Repair runs, it sees that for the duration of the task_sla, there were no hours under which the SLA should be running. Hence, there are no "Business elapsed time", "Business elapsed percentage", etc. values.

Based on the scenario, this is expected.

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