- During the execution of the Data Source following error is reported

com.glide.db.impex.datasource.DataSourceException: org.apache.poi.poifs.filesystem.OfficeXmlFileException: The supplied data appears to be in the Office 2007+ XML. You are calling the part of POI that deals with OLE2 Office Documents. You need to call a different part of POI to process this data (eg XSSF instead of HSSF)

- Data Source is configured as: Type=File, Format=CSV, File Retrieval Method=Attachment


Data Source was previously configured with "File Retrieval Method=SCP" and the value for "File Path" was not removed before the Retrieval Method was changed to Attachment. As "File Path" is not an expected parameter for Attachments then it fails. Use "Show XML" of the record to confirm the value for "File Path"


Remove the value for parameter "File Path" as follows:

1.. Go to Data Source record

Example: https://<instance_name>

2. Change the "File retrieval method" to SCP

3. Remove the values for field "File path"

4. Revert the "File retrieval method" to Attachment and save the record

5. Verify the results using "Test Load 20 Records"

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