Unable to add labels to visual task boards in New York.

PRB1348590 was previously raised for this behavior, which was closed as 'Working as Expected'.


From network tab on java console:
500 error
I see this when i turn on debugger
02:04:47.199 VTB Service Error - 2000, Insufficient Permissions
log02:04:47.201 #633920 [REST API] RESTAPIProcessor : Insufficient Permissions


 The user does not have global_tags_creator or tags_admin role so the user is not able to create a new label or rename the existing ones.
However, if the user creates a new label or renames an existing one to a name which already exists in "label" table and is viewable by everyone, the label *can be* created in VTB since we are reusing an already existing label.

The rename is equivalent to deleting the old label, creating a new one and remapping old label's entries to new one
The user will be able to create a new label or rename existing ones to the following -
These are entries in "label" table, which are viewable by everyone.

As a workaround you can look to set the 'glide.vtb.check_global_tags_creator_role' System Property to false.

Additional Information

If users with global _tags_creator or tags_admin role just have those 7 out of box labels to update but if anyone else woh has permission to create Labels created one , then the user can update that label also including those 7 out of box labels.

Some additional  document which might help you:-

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