Since New York, the toggle switches in the System settings menu look very dark (no matter if enabled or disabled), which makes it hard to understand if it is on or off.

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This change was intentional and was made for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliance purposes.

The base themes Cobalt and La Jolla are defined in "sys_ui_base_theme" table and the variable responsible is "$color-positive-dark" that has the CSS hex code which changed in New York to dark green (but this variable might be used in other places too apart from the picker as this is a common theme record).

This table is write/create restricted to administrators and there are ACLs responsible for it. The customers can, of course, create new ACLs and customize but before that please note below:
- From ServiceNow, we can't go out of WCAG compliance and if the customer is going with the customization approach - before that, customer needs to check internally with their leadership to see whether they would like to go ahead outside of WCAG compliance.
- ServiceNow strongly recommends not to modify and go further with customization and if customers do consider the consequences, then it will come out of scope of ServiceNow Support.

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