As of Madrid and later, inbound email reading only uses the "Email Reader" (sys_trigger). The "Pop3ReaderJob"  (sys_trigger) is no longer used.

If the "Email Reader" Job is not properly configured, or the instance is for some reason is still dependent on "Pop3ReaderJob", inbound email may stop processing after an upgrade to Madrid or later.  

Steps to Reproduce

Issue occurs when "Pop3ReaderJob" Scheduled Job is still configured, instead of "Email Reader"


Below are the steps for setting the instance to an OOB Email Configuration       

         1. Download the attached Email Reader Sys_trigger from the Known error article.

          2. Open the file and make sure it has the "Email Reader" sys_trigger record and also an associated  sys_job record with handler class “com.glide.email_accounts.EmailReaderJob”.

          3. Navigate to the instance and open "Pop3ReaderJob" sys_trigger record and make a note of the highlighted fields as per screen shot below


           4. Navigate to the associated "POP Reader" sys_job record, and make a note of the Job Details. Also, you can compare this Job Details with the Job Details in the Attached Email Reader Job, if both differ then make sure you save the current job details.


          5. If the "EmailReader" sys_trigger xml file looks fine as per step 2, then import the xml record into the instance. Once imported, verify that the "Email Reader" Sys_trigger record should exist and should have the associated sys_job record with handler_class as "com.glide.email_accounts.EmailReaderJob". Also, verify that the "Pop3ReaderJob" sys_trigger record should not exist any more.

           6. Adjust the Interval trigger type as previously noted in step 3 from the "Pop3ReaderJob" if they differ.

           7. Navigate to the associated "Email Reader" sys_job, and verify the Job details with the Job details from "POP Reader" Sys_job record, if they matches then nothing to be changed else Adjust the Job details as per the saved Job details from "POP Reader", captured in step 4.



           9. Test the configuration change by sending an inbound email to the Instance.

          10. Navigate to "Emails" and verify that the email should be received and sys_email record should exists for the new inbound email.


Note : Please contact Support for any issues while validating the steps for this configuration change.


Related Problem: PRB1361786

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