Receiving the following error when editing or creating records in a particular table/form in the Platform UI. For example editing or creating incidents: 

Search Service Error: The following fields are configured but cannot be found on the form:
Short description [short_description] 

Please notice the field mentioned in the error  can be different and depends on the table configuration. 


Release or Environment

Contextual Search has been configured for the table and field where the error occurs. 


The Contextual Search has been configured on the particular table where the error occurs, but the Search Field configured in the Contextual Search is not displayed in the form. 
For example, if the error occurs in the incident table, edit the Form Layout and review all the sections of the form,  the Contextual Search Results field should exist in one of the form sections. 

Then navigate to Contextual Search >> Table configuration, a record for the specific table should exist (for example incident), check the fields listed in the Search Fields Related List (TAB). 
The listed field is the one displayed in the error (for example short_description) and is not displayed in the form. This causes the error. 



  1. Add the field to the form,
  2. Or, add/change the Search field to one that is displayed in the form and set that field as the default one under the Search Field.
  3. Or, evaluate if the Search Context should be configured in the particular table. It can be de-activated.

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