Topic keywords are not triggering suggestions in the virtual agent chat when used in complete sentences. For example if a topic has a keyword, 'error' and the user is searching for 'I am facing an error' in the VA to search for topics, there are no results. 

Only if the user is searching for 'error', results are returned. 

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Sys_metadata query is not including an OR search type/

The 'default query mode' for sys_metadata table is not set to AND_OR query method.  


Note: This can also be caused if one of the words being searched for is a stop word in (ts_stop) table. 


Changing the default query mode for 'sys_metadata' to 'AND_OR' from 'Default' resolves the issue. 

1. Go to ts_index_name table

2. Go to sys_metadata record (sys_cs_topic extends from sys_metadata)

3. Change the 'Default query mode' to 'AND_OR'

4. Save the changes.


Note: No need to reindex the table. We are simply changing the query type.  

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Documentation : Change the query mode of an indexed table

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Last Updated:2019-11-04 07:43:29