Classic Mobile app: ITIL role users cannot select 'Assigned to' for incident record.

Steps to Reproduce

test the scenario in OOB London / Madrid instance using the mobile app or $ :

1. Login a OOB London patch 6 instance as ITIL User
2. Open a new (or existing) incident record
3. Select assignment group = Database
4. Click the reference lookup icon next to Assigned to

Observation: No records found for the assignee

On the desktop version, 3 results are returned OOB
I can also see that the behavior is different in versions earlier to this. In Kingston, the same steps return 3 results.


The workaround here is to remove the reference qualifier from the assigned_to field by going to its dictionary record.

Related Problem: PRB1338593

Seen In

London Patch 3
London Patch 6
Madrid Patch 1

Fixed In

New York

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Last Updated:2020-10-29 11:23:43