Outbound Web Service calls via MID Server fails with HTTP 500 and the following message can be seen in the MID Server Logs:

"Unable to decrypt parameter: soap_password, using encrypted value"


The message indicates that there is a mismatch between the Encryption keys on the instance and the MID Server.


Re-validating of the MID Server resolves the issue. Here are the steps:

On the host server which has the MID Server installed:

  • Stop the MID Server service
  • Delete the agent\keystore\agent_keystore.jks file, from the installation folder
  • Start the MID Server service

From the Instance

  • Open the MID Server record
  • (If necessary, wait for the MID Server to be UP and then reload the form, so all the Related Links are shown)
  • Click 'Validate' in the Related Links

The MID Server will now restart, and you should now be able to execute the Web Service call successfully. 

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Last Updated:2020-03-14 12:36:20