1.Where are the training servers located?

Calgary, Toronto, London, Amsterdam for North American and APAC customers. Amsterdam and London ONLY for European customers data centers.

2. Which types of fields (reference, list, etc.,) can be used as inputs for training?
The system will allow you to select any field available on the table. However, ServiceNow recommends using choice, string, or reference fields.

3. For classification solutions, which types of fields can be used as outputs? 
Similar to inputs, you can select any field available on the table. However, ServiceNow recommends using a string or a choice field with a finite set of possible values.

4. Is AI available on tables other than Incident? 
Yes, Agent Intelligence can be expanded to other tables outside of Incident, Case, HR Cases, and Event Management.

5. How many records are needed to train a viable solution?
The recommended number of records for training a good solution is from 30,000 through 300,000. If you submit more than 300,000 records, the most recent 300,000 records are used to train the solution.

6. For classification solutions, how many possible outputs can a single solution include?
A solution can only have 1 output.

7. Does Agent Intelligence support multiple languages?
Language support is included for classification solutions but is limited to English for Similarity Solutions at this time. Please see the language field on the classification solution definition for more details.

8. Does Agent Intelligence support encryption?
Yes, if your data is encrypted by Full disk encryption. If the field that you are using for training is encrypted using platform encryption, the sharedservice.worker user needs to use the correct encryption context role. Agent Intelligence is not supported if you are using Edge Encryption.

9. Who can use Agent Intelligence? 
Agent Intelligence is not available for on-prim customers or customers who have data sovereignty requirements.

10. How do you preserve solutions during a system clone?
There is a system property that can be set to true in order to preserve your solutions. Note, this is available in the London release.

11. Can classes be excluded from prediction?
Yes.Under the Class Confidence record (you want to exclude), select the Precision Coverage Lookup combination record where Precision = 100 and Coverage = 0 and select Apply Values from the Actions list. Note, this applies only to classification solutions.

12. For  classification solutions, what is the maximum number of prediction classes that a solution can support?
The system uses the top 50 classes with the highest number of records when it builds a solution. Note that the number of classes predicted may be less than 50, and can skip a class if there is not enough historical data to build a solution that can predict the class confidently. For Kingston, the system uses the top 25 classes.

13. When a solution definition is scheduled to train on an interval, does the new solution automatically go live when the results are returned?
Yes, older versions are set to inactive. Administrators have the ability to activate an older version.

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