Users who have the major_incident_management role on their profile are not seeing the ability to close major incidents. ServiceNow Docs for this role indicate that they should be able to do this out of the box.

Release or Environment

Madrid Patch 4


Client Script restricting users to close.


[code]Steps to Reproduce: [/code]
1. In the environment, Impersonate user with Major Incident Management role.
2. Navigate to an open Major Incident
3. Attempt to change the state to Close.

[code]Solution Proposed: [/code]

Reason why some users are not able to close the Major Incident is because this user does not have the role: 'itil_admin'.

There is a Client Script: '(BP) Hide Choice - Closed', which has this script:

function onLoad() {
==> if (g_user.hasRole('itil_admin'))

if (g_form.getValue('incident_state') != '7')
g_form.removeOption('incident_state', 7);
if (g_form.getValue('state') != '7')
g_form.removeOption('state', 7);


As the user does not have this role, Closed option is not available for users.

To get a consistency for all the users with Major Incident Manager to be able to close the Major Incidents, you can modify the client script

if (g_user.hasRole('itil_admin')||('major_incident_manager'))


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