After launching the public survey URL and changing the language to any other than the default English, the language picker is not available for the user anymore.

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Madrid, New York


When you activate a specific language plugin, for example, Finnish, the system will create entries in the sys_choice table:

  • Table: sys_user
  • Element: preferred_language
  • Language: fi
  • Value: <different other languages plugins activated on the instance>

For example, when you have the Finnish plugin activated, you have default English and Finnish languages on your instance. You should have more than one entry in sys_choice list for table=sys_user, Element=preferred_language, language=fi. If you are affected by this issue, there will only be one active entry, all others are de-activated.

Due to this, the out of the box script include "SPSurveyAPI" logic fails because it sees only one active entry for language=fi and it hides the language picker. This script include is invoked from the "Take Survey" widget.


  • Set Inactive=false for the deactivated entries in sys_choice list for sys_choice list for table=sys_user, Element=preferred_language, language=fi, so that out of the box "SPSurveyAPI" script include logic can pass and show the language picker for Finnish language user.
  • This logic applies to other languages activated on the instance as well.

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Last Updated:2019-10-01 00:52:34