Users can not update the FTE on Resource Allocations if the updated Requested Hours becomes a non-whole number.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Create a new Resource Plan.

2. Set the following fields:
Resource Type=Group resource
Group resource=Core R&D group
Request type=FTE
Select any task
Start date=2018-02-01
End date=2018-03-31

3. Submit the Resource Plan.

4. Confirm and Allocate.

5. Go to the Related List section and click on the Resource Allocation tab.

6. Using the list edit, edit the FTE field and trying changing/lowering from '0.4' to '0.39'.

Observe the record is not updated, and an allocation error shows "as the user is not available for one or more days in the period".


This is expected behavior, by default the system property 'com.snc.resource_management.allocation_interval_minutes' is set to 60. Lowering the value does workaround the issue, but it may impact the instance performance, so it should be performed temporarily and when users are not logged in.


Related Problem: PRB1248359

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