After editing the Requested hours of the Requested Allocations record, from within the related list view of a Resource Plan and saving the record, the Planned cost will not update accordingly.

Steps to Reproduce

Pre-requisite: activate the Project Portfolio Suite with Financials plugin with demo data.
1. Set the system property "glide.ui16.live_forms.enabled" to "false".
2. Navigate to Resource > Resource Plans > All.
3. Go into any active record. Notice the "Planned hours" and "Planned cost" field values.
4. Scroll to the "Requested Allocations" Related List.
5. Double click on the "Requested hours" field for any of the records to edit from the list view.
6. Change the value, right click the header and "Save". Notice when the form reloads, the "Planned hours" do update correctly but the "Planned cost" does not.


This is by design and expected behavior when Live Form is not enabled.

The issue only happens when editing in list view in the Requested Allocation record. Changing the value manually and updating, the Resource Plan form displays correct values.

To workaround the issue, the form needs to be refreshed after the list edits (right click the header of the form and select "Reload form").


Related Problem: PRB1237194

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