How the assignment group is populated in FCRT - Facilities Request Task


The assignment group value is populated from Client Script - "Verify Group Fields" uses Business rule - "Build scratchpad & display info messages" on "sm_task" table is calling "filterWorkGroupBasedOnDispatchGroup" function in "SMFilters" script include.
As "sm_task" is the parent table of "facilities_request_task", so the business rule on "sm_task" is executed.

Verify Group Fields - https://<instance-name>.service-now.com/sys_script_client.do?sys_id=c916a05637232000158bbfc8bcbe5d26
Build scratchpad & display info messages - https://<instance-name>.service-now.com/sys_script.do?sys_id=006cf2b1d7322100bbc783e80e61034a
SMFilters - https://<instance-name>.service-now.com/sys_script_include.do?sys_id=f4a5602337832000158bbfc8bcbe5dc8

The functionality is present in "filterWorkGroupBasedOnDispatchGroup" function of "SMFilters" script includes which is used to populate the value for assignmemt_group.

In "Verify Group Fields" client script, "g_form.setValue("assignment_group", g_scratchpad.assignment_filter.substring(8, 40));" which remove the 1st 8 characters and from there 32 char will be selected, which will be sys_id.

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