Occasionally customer may need to delete a large number of records from a specific table and drop the table completely. Below are steps followed to remove all the records and then delete the table.

  1. Run a background script to delete all records from the table
  2. After deleing all records, navigate to table and click on 'delete' option
  3. When we try to 'delete' table from UI, the table will not get deleted and the transaction will be timed out and cancelled.

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All releases


  1. The delete operation is failing from frontend because its trying to delete the related records from sys_metadata_delete table and due to large data its getting timed-out.
  2. There will be millions of records for the table in 'sys_metadata_delete' table which have to be deleted first before dropping the table.


  1. Please advise the customer to delete the records of the table from 'sys_metadata_delete' first and then drop the table from the front end.

But it is always advisable to inactivate the table rather than deleting the table. Because deleting data from a table might affect other records. It is not recommended.

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Last Updated:2020-06-12 12:27:51