A user may configure specific fields to appear as the selectable Highlightable fields in a Calendar report for a table which is a child of the task table, but those fields are not appearing.  This article will describe the most common reason this might happen and how to correct the issue.

Thus, a user may have modified the list of fields as associated to the appropriate Table record (sys_db_object) expecting these fields to then appear within the Highlight based on list displayed with that report.  However, when opening the report, it may be found that the fields did not change still showing the previous list of fields in the Highlight based on field in the appropriate calendar report.



The most usual cause of this issue is due to the default setting of the system property having been modified.  The out-of-box value setting for this property is true.  Having a value of true indicates that the list of fields as found in the Highlight based on list in a calendar report will use a combination of the field styles as defined for the actual table on which the calendar report is based as well as any additional or Style record fields specified for the root table which the source table is extended from, which is task.  However, if this property, for any reason, has been set to a value of false, the property will only include in the Highlight based on list the fields which have a corresponding Style record for the root parent table, task.

System property setting


This issue can easily be corrected by adjusting the setting for the responsible system property.  Thus, the following steps can be performed which should correct this issue:


Log into the instance with an account having admin rights to the instance.

In the Menu Navigator, type sys_properties.list and press the Enter key.

A list of system properties as configured on that instance will appear.  Filter the list to locate the system property with the name and open that system property record for editing.

Modify the Value field for this property to show as true.

Click the Submit button on the form to save the property setting.


Reload the calendar report and it should then show the fields as expected as specified for the parent task table as well as the actual child table on which the report is based.

Full list of fields for highlighting based on

Additional Information

This process can also be used, in reverse, to restrict the fields displayed in the Highlight based on field to the Style fields that are defined on the root task table.

For more information on configuring the specific fields that should appear in this Highlight based on field on a calendar report, please see the following ServiceNow Knowledge Base article:

How to configure the fields that appear in the "Highlight based on" field in a calender report

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