If existing CI has a Network Adapter on "Absent" status, it wouldn't get flip back to "Installed" status after Discovery pickup Active Interface.


Step to Reproduce
1. Ran a Discovery against Linux Server
2. Verify that the Network Adapter is populated in the "cmdb_ci_network_adapter" and that there is a related "cmdb_ci_ip_address_ record pointing to this NIC.
3. Now manually set the Network Adapter status to "Absent".
4. Re-run the Discovery against the same Linux Server.
5. The expected result would be to flip the Network Adapter's status back to "Installed" status along with the "CI IP" (cmdb_ci_ip_address)



  1. This is a known issue, currently tracked by the PRB1336617.
  2. The workaround is to import the Pattern Pre/Post Script xml file attached to this KB.
  3. The PRB1336617 will eventually address a similar issue with File System as well.

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